A methodical and structured approach that delivers results

In business, the motivations for change can be many and varied:

  • Your margins have been eroded by the recession
  • Or need to get a return on your investment, to unlock the hidden value
  • Perhaps you’ve just taken over and there is a vacuum left by the previous owners
  • Maybe your business is struggling or even a bit of a mess
  • It could be growing but is being held back by ineffective accounting and inefficent adminstration.
  • You’re probably feeling that the place can’t run without you – you’re on call 24/7
  • Almost certainly the cash needs to be driven harder

Whatever the motivation, as a business owner or investor you will know that decisive action is required in these challenging times.  Changes need to be fast, but delivered with skill and care.

What you need is professional help from a transformation specialist but you don’t want the costs of another full-time employee.

So what options do you have?

As with all things, there is the DIY approach.  Superficially the cheapest, this method carries the greatest risks.  A delayed exit, investor and bank dissatisfaction, or the resignations of key staff will cost more in the long run.

A quick search of the Internet reveals a large number of business coaches, accountants and expensive city advisory firms.  All three are great options but wouldn’t it be great to get the best parts of the first two but without the costs of the third?

My suggestion is the Business Bootcamp Program.

The Business Bootcamp Program starts with a diagnostic phase – focused on five key questions –  designed to understand your business, identify the issues and prioritize the actions.  This leads into three core modules that focus on the ‘Three Cs’ of business:

  • Calling – The ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of your business, about external orientation.
  • Culture – The ‘How’ and the ‘Who’ of your business, about internal orientation.
  • Cash – The financial viability, or money side, of your business, the cash-flow and margins.

All of which are delivered using a systematic methodology known as CIGAR.

By using a simple to understand, but very effective, modular structure, you get a transformation program that encourages understanding and participation.  The vital benefits being:

  • You know where you are
  • You know where you are going
  • You know what results to expect

There isn’t room in this brief introduction to tell you all about the Five Questions, describe the Three Cs in detail, or explain how CIGAR works.  So, if you want to know more about The Business Bootcamp, then simply complete the form, top right, and I’ll get right back to you with the answers.