Finance and Business Consulting

With many years experience of helping Small and Medium Enterprises through some very tough situations, we will really add value to your business. We’ve seen what you have seen – and quite a lot that you don’t want to see. Maybe you’re in great shape but want to take things further. Maybe times have been better and you need some help.
So, how is business?


Running well but taking up too much time?


  • We help you improve your team performance
  • We create an “Organisation Dashboard” so you can measure the pulse of your business
  • We drive new reporting systems so you make the right decisions with the right information
  • We supply short or medium term talent to get over that hump
  • We provide finance training for non-financial management

Doing great but money is tight?


  • We share with you our deep experience of improving cash flow, managing working capital and improving profitability
  • We help negotiate trade finance and factoring arrangements
  • We coach you for that meeting with the bank or other stakeholder
  • We mentor you post fund-raising to ensure that your investors stay happy

Great, but time to go to the next level?


  • We enable you to successfully plan for growth, downsizing or exit
  • We facilitate strategy development and objective setting
  • We implement strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • We evaluate your business model, or that of your rival or acquisition target

Don’t ask!


  • We conduct forensic accounting investigations
  • We turnaround businesses in trouble and provide vital leadership
  • We carry out financial performance health checks
  • We provide business diagnostics and lead process improvement

If you would like an initial discussion about what you will achieve with our help then please get in touch

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