What you need to know to protect your margins and stay sane!

In spite of the online revolution it remains a fact that, if you’ve got a product that is targeted at consumers, you’re going to have to distribute via the big retailers. Working with retail partners can be a financial challenge as their model is designed to extract the maximum profit for themselves at the expense of your gross profit margin and your business cash flow. Too few people in business realize how complex the relationship can be and, as a result, quickly find themselves in difficulties.

Get your channel relationships wrong and it will bring your business to it’s knees.

This isn’t just an issue that applies to startups. I’ve met more than a few multi-million turnover FMCG businesses that have been hemorrhaging cash for years as a direct result of failing to manage their channel relationships. So where do you stand?

Maybe you’re new in business, have a great new product idea but need know how to manage your new retail partners? Maybe you’ve been in business for many years but are suffering from the stress of margin erosion, invoice deductions and poor cash flow? Either way, I’m guessing that you want to know how to be successful in business whilst selling to retail.

Well, I have the answers.

I believe that success for any business relies on understanding the rules of the game and having the processes in place to win. In this case, it is abut how you mange and control your distribution channels. As a finance director and retail consultant with many years experience I can show you the truth about how retail works and how to manage the marketing relationship. With that knowledge you will be able to successfully sell to stores that dominate the high street whilst protecting your gross profit margin and improving cash flow.

I can guide you through implementing the right processes you will need in order to correctly manage debit notes, run supply chain finance solutions such as accounts receivable factoring, track your trade marketing, and other vital small business planning solutions.

This will bring significant improvements to both your cash flow and your profit.

As a small business consultant, who knows how retail works, I’ve put together a Free Guide that will introduce you to the key issues typically faced by an entrepreneur who is growing a business and selling to retailers.

In this report you will learn:

  • How to sell to retailers profitably
  • Why you will not be paid the price you negotiated!
  • Who pays for the trade marketing and special offers, and how!
  • The importance of effective credit control.
  • How some retailers have become banks – yet their suppliers resort to accounts receivable factoring!
  • And much, more!

This knowledge has already saved millions for my clients so, if you are ready to make a step-change to your business, simply complete the form top-right and press “Get The Report”