Hi, and thanks for choosing to visit this website. I’m guessing that you’ve arrived here for one of three reasons:

  • You’re an aspiring finance director who wants the inside track to success
  • You’re an existing finance director and you want to raise your game
  • You’re a business owner or investor who wants to increase the performance of your finance leadership.

Whatever your position, you are here for one reason – better performance – and you don’t care if it is called career guidance, executive coaching or business mentoring.

So, where are you now?

  • You are in a fast-changing and competitive environment, and you need that extra edge?
  • You need to deliver results – fast – but you’re not yet sure how the place ticks?
  • What about the team?  Do you know the personalities and how they fit together? Or maybe you need a new team?
  • Are all eyes on you? Perhaps some of those eyes are waiting for you to trip up?
  • You’ve just invested in the business, or made some major strategic decisions, and feel that the current financial leadership needs an upgrade?

I’ve been there.

I have worked my way up through the ranks having originally passed my professional accountancy exams back in 1997.  It was a lot of number crunching back then and the environment was much different to the rarefied atmosphere of an FD.  As my career progressed I found that I was spending less time working with other finance professionals more with people from different walks of life.  However, there was always that security of working within a finance team.  There was always The Boss to turn to for advice, guidance and support.

Then came my first day as a Finance Director:  I didn’t realise that the step change would be so significant.  Although the technical demands of the role were no more demanding than before the environment was totally different.  None of my peer group had any finance experience, everyone was looking to me for leadership and there was no ‘Boss’ to provide support.

I confess that it was tough.  I enjoy being out of my comfort zone, as it is a great way to grow, but having external advice would have helped me to grow even faster.

I understand the challenges.  Being a Finance Director in an SME has always been a demanding job – even more so in the current climate.  Get it right and the rewards are high.  Get it wrong and the risks are slower progression, stress and missed opportunities.

So what are the options for success?

Of course, you could just wing it. This may be the cheapest option but it is also high-stress / high-risk.  Do you want that level of stress and do you want to take the risk?

Or you could discuss your issues internally with your colleagues.  I know that worked for me in the past, but only before I was an F.D.  Do you really want to discuss the finance issues with the head of marketing or share your personal concerns with the Sales Director?

OK, so there are other professionals out there.  When I first googled ‘coach’ and ‘mentor’ I got thousands of results.  And, to be frank, I found it quite off-putting.  The market seemed to be dominated websites about rainbows and tree hugging.  Frankly, it isn’t any wonder that professionals such as you are cynical.  I was too.

I know that you want to quickly understand what makes a great FD – from another FD –  and you want to put that understanding into effect.  You want a source of confidential advice and guidance that will unlock potential and create the inside track to success.

Here is what you need to.

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