… but need an overdraft, bank loan or an investor?

If your answer is “Yes” then I’ve some questions for you:

  • How much would you like your business to be worth?
  • Do you have a business strategy and to increase your business value?
  • Do you have a marketing plan showing how you will win the new customers targeted in your business plan?
  • Have you calculated how much business funding you will need to deliver your business plan?

The rapid and effective Sightpath Business Planning Service has been designed to help you answer those questions.  It calculates all your projections and the amount of funding that you need.  The Sightpath system has been created in order to deliver three important benefits to your business:

  1. To develop the best strategies for your market and business to maximise your business valuation in the shortest timescale balanced to your funding.
  2. To explore the most appropriate exit strategies and ensure the business is built to maximise valuation.
  3. To generate a balanced plan, which can be implemented to make success more likely and/or to present to lenders or investors for funding

During the Sightpath Business Development Planning Session, we will model your business and show the impact of various options. The process is as follows:

  1. Model it – Create a model of your business in our modelling tool using our 3 ‘C’s methodology: Customers, Capacity and Cash.
  2. Balance it – Balance the scale of your ambition with your ability to fund it.
  3. Sense check it – Conduct Market and Sensitivity Analyses

After the session, we will produce a Business Plan complete with targets and financial projections for Customers, Sales, P & L, Cashflow, Balance Sheet and Source and Use of Funds Statements.  With no additional charge, we will amend the plan after you’ve reviewed it and/or received feedback from lenders, investors or colleagues.

If you wish, we will also provide an ongoing service to help deliver the plan and maintain progress to help ensure your success is less adhoc and more inevitable.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Remote service £1,000 + VAT. Achieved using remote web access. This is applicable for businesses on a tight budget or in more remote locations
  • Single Decision Maker £1,500 + VAT.
  • Two plus Decision Makers £2,000 + VAT. It takes longer to develop and agree a plan with multiple decision makers
  • Detailed Marketing Plan £1,000 + VAT. Details the marketing initiatives to achieve the targets established in the main business plan
  • Second Plan £1,000 + VAT. For example, Head Office and Regions, Franchisee and Franchisor

Sightpath has a good track record with the banks and many clients have saved more than our fee as a result of the bank offering a reduced interest rate and arrangement fee.